Help with Low Self Esteem

People don’t like me or don’t care about me, I’m not smart enough, I’m too fat, I’m not good looking, I’m not good at that, I can’t get up in front of people to speak, etc., etc…. These are the kind of things that refer to people with low self-esteem, right? That is what most people probably think but there are those that are outgoing, successful, attractive, who have lots of friends and typically seem to have it all together, but still may feel or make a comment like the ones I mentioned. So would you say they have low self-esteem? What is low-self-esteem anyway?

Is it just lack of confidence in your abilities? That does not explain the person who is good at everything but is unhappy with their appearance. Is it the lack of social interaction skills, because some people are the life of the party but will not get up and speak in front of a crowd. People have been labeled as having low-self-esteem who are just shy or very reserved.

I don’t think you can say someone has low self-esteem just because they feel inadequate in some area of their life. They just need to work on that issue to give them the confidence or skills or the right mindset or physical improvement so they can have joy and peace with themselves and not worry about what anyone else thinks about them. Then they will be labeled as having high-self-esteem and everyone will think they are arrogant and full of themselves! Just Kidding! The truth is they will feel better about themselves and live better lives.

In the case of someone saying negative things about themselves all the time or not living life because of thoughts like those mentioned then it might be a more serious problem like depression in which case they need to see their doctor to get help to overcome it.

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