Coping with Breaking Up

Divorce, being dumped or deciding to end a relationship yourself.

Breaking Up Effect: Grief, despair, anger, sadness, guilt and disappointment are all common emotions you may feel when a relationship ends. You might also feel hopeless, lonely, tearful and unable to cope with everyday life.

Breaking Up Depression and Sadness Solutions: Give yourself time to grieve for the lost relationship.

Express emotions by crying, shouting or talking about them, and surround yourself with close family and friends who will support you.

Remove obvious reminders of your partner, like photos or clothes he/she left behind. Put them in a box so you don’t keep catching sight of them.

Write a letter to your ex-partner describing how you feel about the break-up, but don’t send it. Destroy it, or read it each day until you start to heal.

Make a list of things you didn’t like about him/her and read it often.

Think about what you learned from the relationship- about yourself and any new experiences you had.

Spring clean your living space and social life. Make a fresh start by making the decision to move on; meet new people, make new friends and take up new activities.

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