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Dealing with Physical Pain

Causes: Pain can be caused by many different illnesses and injuries, and is often due to inflammation, muscle tension, nerve damage or fatigue. Acute pain is temporary, while chronic pain can last for months or years.

Effects: Unpleasant physical discomfort with real or potential tissue damage. Pain is distressing and can make you feel despondent, hopeless, depressed and isolated.

Solutions: Medication, such as analgesics or NSAIDS.

Exercise can help pain, increase mobility and improve strength.

Hydrotherapy or warm water therapy, including the use of a pool, hot tub or spa. This eases weight from joints and the heat relaxes muscle tension.


Massage to relax muscles and improve circulation.

Surgery if appropriate.

Meditation and relaxation to help stress, anxiety, depression and sleeping problems.

Deep breathing.

Visualisation techniques.

Occupational therapy.

Heat (hot packs and heating pads).

Pain clinics.

Mutual support (groups or forums).

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